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Arcus in 2021: Learning from Strategies in Motion

Arcus’ approach to effecting change has long emphasized learning to achieve optimal impact through strategic grantmaking and productive collaboration with grantees and partners. Arcus’ Social Justice and Great Apes & Gibbons Programs have prioritized listening and learning as part of their multi-year strategies, both of which are currently at midpoints. In our 2021 annual report, we are pleased to share with our stakeholders what and how we have been learning thus far, and how we have approached the integration of resulting insights into our work. The report includes perspectives on learning and risk from Arcus Founder and President Jon Stryker and CEO Annette Lanjouw, along with other colleagues. The report also includes case studies that illustrate how intentional learning has allowed Arcus to strengthen impact and shows how changes in funding strategy—based on new learnings—can result in greater effectiveness. As Arcus’ Social Justice Program Vice President Cindy Rizzo says, “No funding strategy is static. Grantmakers need to consistently revisit their strategies, revisit the assumptions that underlie them, and do this as they’re implementing grants.” Click below to explore our 2021 annual report, which opens with a video conversation between our founder and CEO.

Read: Arcus in 2021

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