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CEC Newsletter March 2022

In this newsletter, you will have the opportunity to find some of our Commission and Networks' news, explore resources about education and communication for the conservation of nature, and hear stories from CEC members. We hope you enjoy it!


#NatureForAll is always looking for ways to connect people with nature and inspire broad-based public and cross-sectoral love, support and action for its conservation. As one example, the project "Global Lessons on Greening School Grounds and Outdoor Learning” is exploring successful approaches for improving school landscapes to help mitigate climate change and enhance children's learning. The project will build networks of leaders and practitioners to identify and apply scalable strategies throughout the world. Additionally, #NatureForAll will be launching a storytelling festival in April, focused on creating, sharing and promoting inspirational stories of connecting and conserving nature. Details will be available on the #NatureForAll website in the coming weeks.

Nature Education for Sustainability

The CEC Nature Education for Sustainability Working Group is in the process of co-creating the Nature Education for Sustainability Strategy and Workplan 2021-2025. To consolidate global work on education, the group has identified the need to create 4 thematic sub-groups: Vision and Content Development, Communications and Advocacy, Enabling infrastructure, and Teaching methods. Learn about the focus of each thematic sub-group, provide your feedback to enrich the co-creation process, and let us know in which sub-group you’d like to become involved, here.

Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership

The IUCN Youth Strategy working group now includes young professionals from the Secretariat, youth representatives from each of the six Commissions, and IUCN Members including Indigenous People’s Organisations. The extensive consultation process for the IUCN Youth Strategy included a survey for Commission Members that received over 400 responses. We are excited to share the IUCN Youth Strategy with you in the next few weeks. If you have questions about the strategy, you can email

Reimagine Conservation

Reimagine Conservation will focus on three initial priorities: Reimagine Justice, focused on building on our work around environmental defenders and rights-based approaches to conservation; Reimagine Funding, making funding more inclusive for Indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs), youth, and women and breaking down barriers for access to resources; and Reimagine Conservation Dialogue Platform, in conjunction with the IUCN commissions, to provide Commission members, IUCN Members, and partners the opportunity to discuss and debate how they are, and how we need to, reimagine and implement efforts to protect the planet. We invite you to share your ideas here.

The membership renewal process has closed. Members who didn’t renew in time will need to apply as new members, so please spread the word and we encourage you to invite your colleagues to join to the Commission. They can apply here. On the other hand, the updated content of our website is in the final stage of review, so we expect an update of our current website in the next few weeks. There, you will find the most updated info about our Commission. Meanwhile, please remember to check the latest CEC News.


In this section, we are presenting 3 inspirational resources that you can find in the #NatureForAll Discovery Zone. We invite you to use them in your work, share some of your resources with us or start to create new ones. Now, in the Discovery Zone, you can find resources in English, French, Spanish, German and Hungarian.

Reset Earth In commemoration of the International Day of Education, the UNEP Ozone Secretariat launched Reset Earth, a set of free toolkits to develop innovative teacher lesson plans and student workbooks guided to build-up four global competencies dimensions. Find more info here.

Clean Up: A Service Learning Guide Ocean Conservancy shares Clean Up: A Service-Learning Guide for providing tools and steps to follow that will help you to turn your ideas into action. The process is called service-learning and it is built in five stages to make changes in your community. Find this wonderful resource here.

Ecologist School - Hydrology As part of Ecologist School, Families in Nature shares a lesson on hydrology focusing on science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) with six lessons such as learning to tie outdoor knots, painting rocks, and calculating your water footprint. Find those lessons here.

Share Your Review

We invite CEC members to create a series of one-minute videos to share your comments about resources that support educational approaches globally to make environment and sustainability issues form the core of experiential and service-based learning, citizen science and nature education. We will provide more details in the CEC Dialogues. Meanwhile, watch the review of Reset Earth by Biswajit De, a CEC member from India, here.

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