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CEC Newsletter September 2022

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

IUCN CEC Newsletter – September 2022

CEC Dialogues and new website

CEC members have met within their regions to identify needs, expectations and ways tocollaborate. This is an ongoing process led by the CEC Regional Vice Chairs to build astronger education and communication community for the conservation of nature. We are happy to announce the launch of the first CEC thematic dialogue, inspired by#NatureForAll. The Power of Storytelling on Conservation will take place Wednesday 28September at 9 am EST. Space is limited, so register here!

IUCN has launched a new website, designed to ensure a more user-friendly experience.You can now visit the new IUCN website, including CEC, in three languages (English,Spanish and French). In the next few weeks, we will include more information about thework developed by CEC in the regions. Visit the new website here.


From 17-23 July CEC members participated in the IUCN Africa Protected Areas Congress(APAC). Over 30 workshops and sessions were held at the IUCN #NatureForAll YouthOasis, a space focused on youth and conservation in Africa led by WCPA and CEC, inpartnership with Youth4Nature, Nature Connect, and the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya. CECfacilitated a workshop based on the Nature Storybook Toolkit, resulting in a set of videosproduced in-situ by participants to share their love stories with nature. Watch the videos onthe CEC YouTube channel.


The 2021-2022 #NatureForAll Annual Report shows progressive achievements in the lasttwo years thanks to a worldwide community of more than 550 member organizations in 81countries. Priorities going forward were developed and articulated by a #NatureForAllInternational Leadership Team. These community building efforts will continue providinginput and insight into #NatureForAll as it evolves, ensuring this initiative remains relevantlocally and regionally while keeping a global focus in mind. Read the Annual Report here.

Nature Education for Sustainability

The Nature Education for Sustainability Working Group is creating synergies to support educational approaches globally that place environment and sustainability issues at the core of experiential and service-based learning, citizen science and other informal approaches to nature education. As such, the team is facilitating CEC’s participation in the UN Transforming Education Summit. Read more in the “Upcoming Events” section below. Nature Education for Sustainability now has its own logo within CEC. We thank Cinthya Liliana Pérez Hernández, CEC member from Mexico, who translated the Nature Education for Sustainability principles into shapes and colors. Education work by CEC members can now be captured under this visual identity, while work continues on creating the CEC Strategy on Nature Education for Sustainability and its work plan.

Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership

CEC Regional Vice Chair for West Europe, Diana Garlytska, participated in Stockholm+50this past June as part of the Youth Task Force. Together with other task-force members,she co-created and led the development of an Educational Output on the Role of Youth inConservation: Past, Present, and Future. This document analyses the progress made andthe challenges still faced in effectively engaging youth in decision-making about theenvironment, and highlights the IUCN Global Youth Summit and the work of the WildlifeClubs of Kenya as effective initiatives. Read the document here.

Reimagine Conservation

Reimagine Conservation is an invitation to be open and willing to discuss and challengethe status quo, with respect, inclusion and with love. After several meetings the ReimagineConservation Working Group is expanding its areas of work to create events and tools thathelp people to reimagine. CEC seeks to facilitate and champion collaborative processeswith CEC members and the Union to develop tools for nature conservation that supportthis process. Join this network in our Commissions System!

Upcoming Events

In this section you will find information about upcoming events associated with the Commission, itsmembers and partners. Join, share or/and read more about them.

CEC at the UN Transforming Education Summit The United Nations Secretary-General is convening the Transforming Education Summitduring the 77th UN General Assembly, on September 16-19. The Salzburg Statement onGreening School Grounds and Outdoor Learning will be launched alongside a 24-hour,live-streamed event featuring Green School Grounds from around the world. Read more here.

Storytelling Festival Are you part of the Storytelling Festival? If not, you can write or record your personal storyabout finding and sharing a passion for nature and empowering others to do the same.Remember that you can use the Nature Storybook Toolkit to help you create your videofrom start to finish! And you can also create an event to celebrate with us! Find more infoabout the Storytelling Festival here.

Environmental Leadership Program The Environmental Leadership Program of the Jane Goodall Institute in Argentina beginsits 2022 edition to build leadership capacities for the conservation of nature. In 2021, theprogram reached more than 1,000 young people from 30 countries around the world, andreached more than 2,500 subscribers after only 3 days of being launched. We hope thatthis year will be as successful as the year before. Find more information about thisprogram here.

CEC Workshop on Conservation Communication On November 2-4, CEC will collaborate and join in organising “Bhutan CMSVATAVARANFestival and Forum on Climate Action and Biodiversity Conservation, 2022” in Thimphu &Paro. During this festival, CEC will organise and moderate a workshop on ConservationCommunication with media and communication students and professionals interested inenvironment and wildlife conservation issues in Bhutan. CMS VATAVARAN focuses onusing film as a tool and catalyst for creating impact and presents nature stories from allover the world. Read more about CMS VATAVARAN Film Festival here.


In this section, we present 3 inspirational resources that you can find in the #NatureForAll Discovery Zone. We invite you to use them in your work, share some of your resourceswith us, and start to create new ones. Find resources here.

James The Steward In this children’s short story picture book by BLI Global, a climate event deeply affects andbecomes an awakening experience for James and Sarah, two school children who learnabout the relationship between environmental degradation and climate change. The duo begins a journey of transforming fellow children to be nature and climate conscious. Findthe story book here.

Amphibian Road Survey The Amphibian Road Survey aims to build bridges and tunnels to help amphibians crossroads near their migratory pathways, but we need to know where to build them in order tohave the most impact. NatureKids has created a series of training videos to explain theroad survey and show techniques and materials required to conduct your own. Find thesevideos here.

Coloring Birds Book Download this printable file and learn about the different local and scientific names of ourprecious birds. As an added challenge, color them as close to their actual colors aspossible. Share them on social media by tagging @goharibon, and using the hashtag#coloringbirdsbook & #colorbirdsbook! These bilingual English and Filipino coloring sheetsof Philippine birds were submitted by Albert Balbutin Jr, CEC member. Download it here.

The CEC Newsletter aims to keep IUCN CEC members, IUCN staff, and the wider IUCN network up-to-date with the Commission work news and announcements Contribute News to CEC

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