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Celebrate ELI's 10-Year Anniversary website

Updated: Apr 13


Support our work in 2023! Donate here. This month, ELI celebrates its 10-year anniversary! Since 2013, ELI has served as a pioneer in fighting wildlife and environmental crime through the use of professional intelligence, undercover operations, research and analysis. ELI’s has also served as a trailblazer in investigating and researching Environmental Crime Convergence. For over a decade, our team gathered and analyzed in information about the criminal exploitation of nature and has helped law enforcement and governmental authorities to investigate and take action against the most important wildlife traffickers and environmental criminals in the world. Through our work, we have revolutionized and expanded upon current conservation approaches, demonstrating the power and necessity of professional intelligence and analysis in the fight to protect the natural world. A Special Message from Dr. Jane Goodall

Jane Video Short

You can learn more about ELI’s efforts to fight the complex international ivory trafficking supply chain in the Netflix documentaryThe Ivory Game. A DECADE OF WORK Reflecting On Our Achievements Over the last decade, ELI has worked around the world toprotect wildlife, forests, oceans, and biodiversitythrough undercover operations, intelligence gathering, research, and collaboration with key government and law enforcement authorities. We proudly reflect on some of our key accomplishments, including: Dozens of investigative missions in over 25 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and the AmericasThe conservation of endangered species, habitats, and biodiversity, such as marine life, jaguars, sharks, pangolins, elephants, rhinos, tigers, and forests.The identification of over 500 international environmental criminals and wildlife traffickersThe identification ofover 40 international environmental criminal networksThe arrests of dozens of people in Mexico, Bolivia, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and ChinaNumerous capacity-building trainings and knowledge-transfer meetings with law enforcement and government authoritiesThe sharing ofdozens of Confidential Intelligence Briefs (CIBs) and analytic reportswith governmental authorities and other stakeholders to address information gaps and enable action Our Operations

Learn more about our operations here.


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