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Dr. Earle's Message on World Ocean Day

Celebrating World Ocean Week!

Mission Blue's impact lies in how we support Hope Spots around the globe. We will continue to fight for these special pockets on Earth nominated by you – not only on World Ocean Day, but every day, every month of every year until the entire ocean can recover through a network of comprehensive marine protected areas.

It's up to each of us to rise up and do what we can to protect the future of the ocean for tomorrow's world. Your generous contribution goes a long way to support our 142 Hope Spots. We can't do it without you! Thank you.

Invest in the Ocean

New York’s First Hope Spot Recognized at Shinnecock Bay, Long Island

Approximately 122 km east of Manhattan lies Shinnecock Bay, a hidden gem of biodiversity that covers nine thousand acres of open water, salt marshes, intertidal flats, and seagrass beds. A remarkable variety of birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, invertebrates and other wildlife live and migrate through Shinnecock Bay. The Hope Spot designation is also in recognition of the successful Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program (ShiRP) implemented ten years ago by Stony Brook University which has dramatically improved the water quality in the bay.

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Coming Up Today:

Hope in Hawaii Webinar!

Today, at 11am PST, join us for a discussion with the Hope Spot Champions of the Olowalu Reef and Kahalu’u Bay Hope Spots. Topics will include current conservation challenges, wins, and what the future looks like for protecting and honoring the marine life in Hawaii. A recording will be made available after the event.

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Three cheers for John and the Coastal Communities Network Scotland! Their hard work and dedication have united the Argyll Coast community around protecting their blue backyards and the life within that depends on a balanced, healthy ocean. We had a call with John to congratulate him and ask about what’s next. In our conversation, he describes how they are leveraging citizen science to improve marine conservation policy and of ways ocean lovers near Argyll can get involved.

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Ethique and Mission Blue Support the Ocean Voyages Institute

This World Ocean Week, we salute the generosity of Ethique Foundation. A portion of their generous contribution will support the work of the Ocean Voyages Institute, which has conducted numerous clean-up campaigns, setting records for marine debris collection since 2009. Thank you, Ethique and Ocean Voyages Institute!

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