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31 October – 12 November 2021

FEBA Journey at COP26
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For nearly three decades, the United Nations (UN) has been bringing together almost every

country on earth for global climate summits – called COPs (Conference of the Parties). In that time, climate change has gone from being a fringe issue to a global priority. This year will be the 26th annual summit – giving it the name COP26. The COP 26 UN Climate Change

Conference, hosted by the UK in partnership with Italy, will take place from 31 October to 12

November 2021 in the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, UK.

Not only is it a huge task but it is also not just yet another international summit. Most experts

believe COP26 has a unique urgency – the world’s best last chance to get climate change

under control in a participatory and inclusive way.

About this document

This document delineates a journey through COP26 for individuals interested in following events related to Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) – an approach that falls under the umbrella of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) – and countless other related, cross-cutting topics. The items listed in this document also relate to the breadth of topics covered by the FEBA Working Groups.

Note: Speakers and event details are subject to change, be sure to check the Official

Programme. Confirm all event details via the Green Zone Programme, the Presidency

Programme, the Nature+ Zone Pavilion Programme, the Water Pavilion Programme, the Virtual Ocean Pavilion, and further programmes available online.

Further events of interest can be found from:

  • IUCN,

  • Nature-based Solutions Initiative (NbSI),

  • Global Mangrove Alliance (GMA),

  • Global Fund for Coral Reefs,

  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),

  • European Union Side Events,

  • We Don’t Have Time (including free, daily live broadcasts),

  • Resilience Hub,

  • IIED (hosts of Development & Climate Days @ COP26),

  • and many more!

Stay up to date throughout COP26 by following @FriendsofEbA, @IUCN_Ecosystem, and

@IUCN on Twitter and reading IISD’s Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB).

About FEBA

The Friends of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (FEBA) is a global collaborative network of more than 90+ agencies and organisations involved in EbA working jointly to share experiences and knowledge, to improve the implementation of EbA related activities on the ground, and to raise awareness and understanding of EbA in adaptation planning processes and multilateral policy frameworks. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) serves as the FEBA Secretariat. The coordination of the FEBA network is part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) supports this initiative on the basis of a decision adopted by the German Bundestag.

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