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Forests and Nature-based Solutions at IUCN Congress

IUCN World Conservation Congress spotlighted progress on everything from restoring degraded ecosystems and conserving primary forests to cementing the inclusion of indigenous peoples in decision-making. Below are some highlights from the Nature-based Solutions & Ecosystem Restoration Pavilion.

A microcosm of natural solutions: A full programme on Nature-based Solutions at IUCN Congress

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IUCN to develop collaborative certification scheme for Nature-based Solutions

At the 2021 World Conservation Congress, IUCN unveiled a plan to develop a collaborative certification system to ensure that the changes resulting from Nature-based Solutions for Societal Challenges are truly sustainable.

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Indigenous peoples and the World Conservation Congress

“Recognition” was the word invoked time and again by indigenous leaders during the first ever World Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nature at IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille, France. What was the impact?

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Ecosystem restoration

Restoring ecosystems part-and-parcel of IUCN Congress: A full programme on Ecosystem Restoration at IUCN Congress

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Four questions, five messages and six fronts for action on ecosystem restoration

Restoring our beleaguered ecosystems means working together to secure the massive investment needed to reverse environmental degradation, according to an IUCN think piece.

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A day devoted to a decade: Historic restoration pledges

IUCN World Conservation Congress brought with it a chance to celebrate commitments and share advances in the name of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and Bonn Challenge. Two special events on 7 September brought together restoration experts and ministers who boldly lead the way. Highlighted by historic pledges to restoration.

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Interactive experiences for restoration


A new block chain-powered app that connects those who want to pay for forest landscape restoration with those who can make it happen.

QUIZ: If you were an ecosystem, which would you be?

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SURVEY: Where do you restore? Take one minute to tell us.

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Eyá Pavara: The story of a people who want to recover their forest. This virtual experience featured at IUCN Congress. (compliments of If Not US Then Who?)

Women and forests

Strategies to help rural women protect forests

Around the world in forest communities, women entrepreneurs are making a big difference. More than 750 million women depend on forests for employment and household consumption, and women are among the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. Federations of forest and farm producers around the world are providing blueprints for supporting women-led sustainable businesses. Here are three key strategies for gender transformation in producer organisations.

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Mangroves update

Roots of hope

For the next UN Biodiversity Summit in Spring 2022, governments are preparing to adopt a new global framework for managing nature through 2030. In response, the global mangrove expert community presents detailed guidance to illustrate how mangrove ecosystems contribute to preserving and protecting nature and its essential services to people.

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Launch of the first State of the World’s Mangroves Report

A comprehensive new report by the Global Mangrove Alliance, with the help of over 100 mangrove science, finance, and policy experts from around the world, highlights benefits, stories, and global trends - and sets out a pathway for the way ahead.

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