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From Hope Spot to Marine Protected Area: Celebrating the Palmahim Slide!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Mission Blue

Three cheers for the Palmahim Slide Hope Spot and Champions! On September 21st, Tamar Zandberg, Isr

ael's Minister of Environmental Protection, signed a degree declaring the first unique offshore marine reserve in Israel's EEZ. Called Glishat Palmahim, this marine reserve will protect 450 sq km, as part of Israel's commitment to protecting at least 30% of their territorial waters by 2030. The Palmahim Slide Hope Spot Champions and their organization The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) have been working towards this success for nearly five years – they published the first proposal for the reserve in 2018 and have been promoting the protected area for more than four and a half years.

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Looming over the waters of the South San Jorge Gulf Hope Spot in southern Patagonia, Argentina are rolling green hills and a winding road that traces the coastal edges of Santa Cruz province. The only city along the Gulf is Caleta Olivia, home to 50,000 people who, known to them or not, share a blue backyard with creatures like whales, dolphins and other species.

César Gribaudo, CEO of Patagonia Red Global, likes to call his home “Ciudad de las Ballenas” – “City of the Whales”. He began conducting research on the marine life in the area in 1986 and he and his partners’ work remains some of the very little scientific research done on the whales and other marine life in the Gulf. Gribaudo and Angeles Rodriguez, International Communication Chief and Laboratory and Field Director of Patagonia Red Global are hoping to invigorate broader public support for expanding formal marine protection.

Learn more about this incredible new Hope Spot on the Mission Blue website!

Dr. Sylvia Earle at


On September 28, 2022, in San Francisco, WIRED’s global editorial director Gideon Lichfield led a panel discussion with Dr. Sylvia Earle and Sophia Kianni, founder of the Climate Cardinals and US representative to the UN Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change. In this video, they contemplate what a new generation of climate activists can learn from their forebears who have been on the front lines for years.

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Big: A Photographic Album of the World's Largest Animals

by Amos Nachoum & Marko Dimitrijevic

"Bravo, Amos Nachoum, for sharing in this volume a selection of the images acquired over a lifetime of experiences from pole to pole and around the midsection of the world and many places between. I am personally grateful to you for our ventures into the Red Sea and later, in the Coral Sea, before they were sullied with thousands of tons of lost fishing gear, massive amounts of plastic debris and other discarded wastes, before the removal of millions of tons of ocean wildlife, and before the comprehensive impact of human-driven climate disruption had manifest the dramatic changes now evident globally" – Dr. Sylvia Earle

Amos has generously offered to donate 30% of the royalties to Mission Blue to support our goal of protecting 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. Thank you, Amos!

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