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Global Wildlife Program 2021

We are excited to share the 2021 Global Wildlife Program Progress Report. It has been six years since the program began and the GWP continues to build an impressive tally of results as more national projects commence implementation. The 2021 Progress Report recognizes this momentum and documents the growing impact of the GWP as 32 countries work together to combat illegal wildlife trade and promote wildlife-based economies for resilient development. The report captures GWP impacts not just at the local and national level but across the entire program. You can browse through the achievements to see the collective scale of the work being done on the ground across Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean to safeguard globally important wildlife populations, reduce wildlife trafficking and demand for illegal wildlife products, diversify community livelihoods, and promote human-wildlife coexistence.

Click on infographic for larger version, also available in French & Spanish: · Faits Saillants de l'Impact du Programme Mondial pour la Vie Sauvage · Aspectos más Destacados del Impacto del Programa Mundial para la Vida Silvestre

The GWP is based on the understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As the implementation of the program progresses, knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning across the GWP are generating a mass of valuable knowledge and lessons. These insights are presented in the report with a carefully curated range of country examples and case studies drawn from across the GWP. This wealth of GWP experiences identify successes that can be replicated and scaled up along with important lessons on how to improve impact. We congratulate all GWP project teams and partners on their achievements and thank you for your ongoing commitment and collaboration. Together, we can build a powerful community for wildlife conservation and maximize its contributions to development. Thank you, The GWP Coordination Team Contact us at

Read the 2021 Progress Report here

The GWP in Numbers

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