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Happy Halloween from all of us at Galápagos Conservancy!

Your Galápagos e-Post: The latest stories and news from the Enchanted Islands.

GALÁPAGOS e-POST | October 2022

Promoting Innovative Learning Strategy on Renewable Energy

From October 17-21, more than 400 Galápagos teachers, from PreK through Grade 12, participated in intensive training during our 12th Teaching Institute. This five-day intensive is part of our ongoing Education for Sustainability Program, which is implemented by Galápagos Conservancy and Fundación Scalesia, in partnership with Ecuador’s Ministry of Education.

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Searching for Evidence of the Extinct Vermilion Flycatcher After Sightings on San Cristóbal

The IUCN declared the Vermillion Flycatcher extinct in Galápagos in 2016. But despite this listing, there have been recent reports that this tiny red bird is indeed alive on San Cristóbal Island. This year, Galápagos Conservancy decided to fund the search to confirm the survival of this iconic species.

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Galápagos Conservancy Conservation Center a Great Success

Since it opened on June 6, 2022, the Conservation Center has welcomed over 3,200 visitors, from locals to world travelers. The innovative interpretive center on Charles Darwin Avenue on Santa Cruz Island has successfully raised awareness about conservation issues, particularly among young people.

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Our Gratitude for a Celebration of Galápagos Conservation and Ecotourism

At the Ecuadorian embassy in Washington, D.C. on October 14, distinguished guests, board members, supporters, and friends joined us as we expressed our gratitude and appreciation for all of those who support Galápagos Conservancy and the Galápagos National Park.

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Traffickers of Galápagos Wildlife Receive One-Year Sentence for June Smuggling Attempt

Galápagos Conservancy is disappointed that the criminals convicted in a June wildlife trafficking attempt have received the minimum prison sentence of one year under Ecuadorian law. While we are pleased the perpetrators are being prosecuted, wildlife trafficking endangers the ecological integrity of Galápagos, so we believe all offenders should receive the maximum sentence.

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Lonesome George Exhibit Hall Reopens its Doors to Visitors

The Symbol of Hope Hall, where the taxidermied body of Lonesome George is exhibited, reopened its doors after 20 days of renovation. George's body is preserved behind a special acrylic that protects it from ultraviolet rays in a chamber with the appropriate light, temperature, and humidity conditions for its preservation.

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Galápagos Conservancy Celebrates the ABG’s 10th Anniversary

Among the most serious challenges to the integrity of Galápagos ecosystems are invasive species. Introduced species threaten the survival of endemic species in the Islands by outcompeting native flora and fauna. In order to prevent exogenous species from entering the Archipelago and to protect terrestrial and marine habitats, it is a priority to support the work of the Agency for Regulation and Control of Biosecurity and Quarantine for Galápagos (ABG).

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