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IUCN Species Strategic Plan 2021-2025

IUCN Species Strategic Plan 2021-2025. SSC Group leaders and members contributed their ideas and expectations, in close collaboration with our colleagues at the Secretariat and other partners. I invite all US members to consult the summary, the complete document, or the exciting interactive visualization tool. Your feedback would be most welcomed!

Chair of the SSC – Special Survival Commission, Jon Paul Rodriguez

Executive Summary

The IUCN Species Strategic Plan encompasses the joint work of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, the IUCN Global Species Programme, as well as a number of partnerships. This 2021-2025 IUCN Species Strategic Plan consists of the following high-level goals of the Species Conservation Cycle, and Key Species Results (KSR):

1. Network: Enhance and support the SSC network and its alliances to deliver the IUCN

Species Strategic Plan.

  • Develop new and strengthen existing partnerships and sustainable funding mechanisms (KSR 1).

  • Enhance the membership and the capacity of the SSC network and its alliances (KSR 2).

  • Enhance collaborations across and beyond IUCN to accomplish species conservation results under the principles of the One Programme Charter (KSR 3).

  • Catalyse actions with governments, IUCN members and other stakeholders to achieve post-2020 conservation targets (KSR 4).

2.Assess: Understand and inform the world about the status and trends of biodiversity.

  • Improve and publish biodiversity and conservation knowledge (KSR 5).

  • Expand the coverage, quality and content of biodiversity assessments: IUCN Red

  • List, Environmental Impact Classification for Alien Taxa (EICAT), Climate Change vulnerability, Assess to Plan (A2P), Green Status of Species and species-focused Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) (KSR 6).

  • Strengthen the Red List Index (RLI) as a biodiversity indicator, at global and national scales (KSR 7).

3.Plan : Develop collaborative, inclusive and science-based conservation strategies and policies.

  • Strengthen and expand species conservation planning efforts at local, national, regional and global scales (KSR 8).

  • Strengthen species conservation in national, regional and global policies (KSR 9).

4.Act: Convene and mobilise conservation actions to improve the status of biodiversity .

  • Enhance biodiversity conservation action through implementation of effective, collaborative and practical approaches (KSR 10).

  • Catalyse sustainable use practices to improve governance for people and nature (KSR 11).

5.Communicate: Drive strategic and targeted communications to enhance the impact of IUCN’s Species theme.

  • Further strengthen IUCN’s species theme as a strong and credible source on biodiversity information for target audiences (KSR 12).

  • Increase the visibility of different taxa and species conservation through strategic and innovative communications that attract new audiences (KSR 13).

IUCN Species Strategic Plan 2021-2025
Download PDF • 35.98MB

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