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IUCN SSC Species E-Bulletin – November 2022

News from the IUCN Species Survival Commission

Headline News

The recipients of the third round of SSC EDGE Internal Grants have been selected We are very pleased to announce 8 grants totalling US$79,036.00 to support priorities of the SSC Species Conservation Cycle related to assessment and planning activities. Selected jointly with the On the Edge (OTE) team, these are the SSC Groups that will be carrying out projects for EDGE species thanks to this grant: IUCN SSC Bird Red List Authority, IUCN SSC Bustard Specialist Group, IUCN SSC Hawaiian Island Plant Specialist Group, IUCN SSC Indonesian Plant Red List Authority, IUCN SSC Mollusc Specialist Group, IUCN SSC New Caledonia Plants Red List Authority, IUCN SSC Orchid Specialist Group, IUCN SSC Small Mammal Specialist Group. Apply for future grant rounds

First articles of Diversity issue published The IUCN SSC Chair’s office is delighted to share the first published articles of the Diversity special issue on “Assessments, Planning and Action for Conservation of Species and Ecosystems at Multiple Spatial Scales”. This Special Issue is inspired by the Species Conservation Cycle, championed by the network of +10,500 experts of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, in their pursuit of delivering the portfolio of Knowledge Standards convened by IUCN.

Reverse the Red Day – February 7 Reverse the Red is excited to announce the first annual Reverse the Red Day on February 7, 2023. Please join us in celebrating Reverse the Red Day through online events and engagement as well as in-person events at your organisations! There will be guidance for online and in-person engagement, but also make this day your own by highlighting the work that you are doing and the impact you are having for species. We encourage you to share actions and successes in improving the status of threatened species and stories of how you collaborate with government, communities, supporters, partners, and visitors to make positive changes for biodiversity. Engage with us


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New IUCN Save Our Species webinar! Can conservation projects on the ground actually inform biodiversity policy? This is the question the latest IUCN Save Our Species webinar will attempt to answer. Join us on Thursday, 24 November at 10:00 AM CET. Register now

Saving freshwater ecosystems on the island of Socotra Socotra ecosystems are highly threatened by droughts, water extraction, habitat loss, pollution and invasive species. Located off the Horn of Africa, this archipelago is a treasure trove of biodiversity with an unusually high number of endemic species. Funded through an IUCN SSC Internal Grant, Dr Kay Van Damme, IUCN Species Survival Commission’s Freshwater Conservation Committee member, is working with local NGOs and communities to increase awareness and implement field surveys to collect data on species and their threats. Learn more about this project

Teamwork to avoid extinction: Launching the first Argentine huemules (Hippocamelus Bisulcus) breeding center The facilities are a space of 100 hectares of natural field with fences specially adapted for the species, of which it is estimated that only 350 to 500 individuals remain in Argentina. In addition, the Center will allow research activities that will contribute to obtaining critical information for the conservation of this emblematic Patagonian deer. This project is carried out by the Shoonem Foundation, the province of Chubut and the Temaiken Foundation with the aim to recover, reproduce and reintroduce this species in nature.


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GECS website

April 2020 to March 2022, covers all the activities funded by the IUCN Save Our Species grant and narrates the IUCN SSC Canid Specialist Group’s efforts jointly with partners to secure a future for Ethiopian wolves and the Afroalpine ecosystem.

Season 2 has arrived! When it comes to tackling climate change and the biodiversity crisis, the ocean and the world’s coastlines offer many solutions. Join IUCN and their special guests from UNEP and The Nature Conservancy to answer: Is private sector finance crucial for conserving and restoring coastal and marine ecosystems?


Research scientist open position at Georgia Aquarium The Research Scientist position contributes to the success of Georgia Aquarium’s Center for Species Survival (CSS) by building capacity in the use of computer models that advance population viability analysis and risk assessments, conservation planning, and the visualization of habitat use and distribution of rare and endangered species for population management globally. How to apply and further details

WildTeam UK online workshops The next WildTeam online training workshops are available for booking: Monitoring and Evaluation for Wildlife Conservation 8th November – 13th December (2.5-3.5 hours learning per week) Conservation leadership: Learning 16th November – 14th December (2.5-3.5 hours learning per week) Project Management for Wildlife Conservation 30th January – 13th March 2023 (3.5 hours learning per week) Project Planning for Wildlife Conservation 8th February – 22nd March 2023 (4 hours learning per week) Full details

Centers for Species Survival in action Georgia Aquarium hosted a conservation facilitator training workshop The five-day intensive workshop was attended by researchers and conservationists from Georgia Aquarium, Morton Arboretum, and Wild Cumberland. The training provided an in-depth introduction to the role and processes of facilitating conservation planning workshops, supplied th neecessary tools to help trainees successfully guide the workshop process. These trainings are crucial in equipping attendees with the resources and knowledge to better support their own institution’s conservation goals, as well as the larger conservation community. Conservation workshop ALPZA Academy: “The One Plan Approach to conservation” Since October the ALPZA (Latin American Association of Zoos and Aquariums) Academy has been held a series of specialised workshops. Temaikén Foundation collaborated in the workshop “The one plan approach to conservation” with the aim of promoting the One Plan Approach concept among ALPZA members, for which presented the work of the CSS Temaiken – Argentina with the yellow cardinal species(Gubernatrix cristata).


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