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IUCN USNC Executive Committee Minutes — April, 2021

Meeting held:

April 5, 2021

1pm - 2pm EST

(via Zoom)

USNC EC members present:

Christopher Dunn, Chair

Deb Hahn

Scott Hajost

Healy Hamilton

Frank Hawkins, ex officio

Jennifer Luedtke

Dave Reynolds




Kaia Boe, IUCN-DC

Debbie Good, IUCN-DC

John Robinson, Councillor

Bonnie Wyper (Thinking Animals United), Membership & Communications subcommittee

Agenda and Notes:

1. USNC website presentation

  • B. Wyper provided a status update on the USNC website. Several pages need to be revised or edited.

  • A “ground rules” document (what kinds of documents, information, news, events, etc. are appropriate) is being drafted for Executive Committee approval.

  • Blogs can be included, with space for comments, but will need to be moderated or reviewed.

  • Editorial schedule needs to be developed.

  • Executive Committee meeting notes, Annual Report, and governance documents should be posted.

2. Canada Committee possible collaborations

  • North American gathering to elevate and advance inclusive career pathways in conservation.

  • year long, youth expedition from the Arctic to the Mexican border to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss.

  • MOU regarding rotating participation on Global Group has been finalized.

  • H. Hamilton and D. Reynolds offered to assist with agenda for meeting with Canada Committee.

3. Bruno Oberle: preparation for June 3 meeting with USNC membership

  • Agenda reviewed.

  • Format of the meeting discussed, along with developing questions in advance.

  • Pre-registration numbers looking favorable.

4. Continued members’ skepticism regarding in-person component of WCC

  • Will be topic of discussion during meeting with B. Oberle.

5. Recurring costs to operate USNC (re: financial support request from IUCN-US)

  • Some funds budgeted by US office

  • Future funding only if funds available

6. Proposed “get acquainted” meeting of USNC EC and IUCN-US board

  • Favorably received by both EC and US board

  • Will be scheduled.

  • Also, some US member organizations wish to meet with EC on specific matters.

7. Updates from Council and DC office

  • None

8. Other business

  • None

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