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IUCN USNC Executive Committee Minutes — July, 2021

NOTE: Owing to a lack of a quorum, this was not a regular meeting of the Executive Committee. The following items were discussed among the participants.

Meeting held:

July 1, 2021

1pm - 2pm EST

(via Zoom)

USNC EC members present:

Christopher Dunn, Chair

Deb Hahn

Healy Hamilton


Jennifer Luedtke

Scott Hajost

Frank Hawkins, ex officio

Dave Reynolds

J. Robinson (Councillor)

K. Boe (IUCN DC)


Debbie Good, IUCN-DC

Agenda and Notes:

1. Marseille WCC updates

  • None provided (J. Robinson unable to attend)

2. USNC website

  • H. Hamilton offered to contact website developer and other IUCN members who have been engaged and develop process to move project forward.

3. Discuss IPO meeting(s) with IUCN DC office, IPOs, Canada, others

  • See item 4.

4. Executive Committee meeting frequency

Suggestion to hold biweekly meetings in run-up to WCC.

Can cancel if no urgent issues/agenda, or develop targeted topics for discussion and of interest to US membership; e.g.,

  • IPO engagement among US members and at WCC

  • Voting/proxy process

  • Proposed Climate Crisis Commission (Motion 003); US member engagement, etc.

  • Youth engagement

  • USNC informal meeting and social event at WCC

5. Other items

Annual Meeting of the USNC

  • US National Committee Annual Meeting would normally be held at the WCC. In consideration of the members who cannot attend the WCC, the Annual Meeting will likely be held after the Congress. This will allow those who attended to provide summaries, opportunities, etc. and thereby engage and inform those unable to attend. For those organization who are able to attend the WCC, informal and social gatherings will be arranged.

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