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IUCN USNC Executive Committee Minutes — June, 2021

Meeting held:

June 15, 2021

1pm - 2pm EST

(via Zoom)

USNC EC members present:

Christopher Dunn, Chair

Deb Hahn

Scott Hajost

Healy Hamilton

Frank Hawkins, ex officio

Dave Reynolds


Jennifer Luedtke


Kaia Boe, IUCN-DC

Debbie Good, IUCN-DC

John Robinson, Council

Agenda and Notes:

1. Marseille WCC updates and concerns (e.g., the voting issue)

  • J. Robinson provide a brief summary of the current situation.

  • Members (individually and collectively) have made their view know. Seems to have had considerable influence on Council deliberations.

  • Likely that e-voting for new Council will be initiated.

  • Motions likely to allow of virtual participation in contact groups, with final voting in person at the Congress.

  • Alternative options continue to be discussed.

  • S. Hajost provided information on the member letter to Council regarding Marseilles voting, including invoking Article 29 of the IUCN Statutes.

2. Survey of US members re: WCC intentions

  • D. Hahn reported on preliminary results of the members survey (N = 53 as of this date).

  • Thus far, more member unlikely to attend; more are likely to participate virtually. Details to be circulated once more results are in.

  • C. Dunn to remind members to participate.

  • Results to be provided to J. Robinson as a summary/guide to the views of US members. This allows for members’ voices to be heard with the USNC taking a position.

3. USNC website

  • “Ground rules” document completed and to be circulated to all members with message from C. Dunn.

  • Stories and links have been added.

  • Executive Committee page to include meeting notes, governance documents, annual reports, survey results.

  • Appreciation for the work of M&C subcommittee and other members who have volunteered their time to complete the website.

4. Search process for Director, DC office

  • Finalist selected, but Secretariat not yet prepared to announce.

  • Executive Committee has been offered an opportunity meet with the new director.

5. Other business

Annual Meeting of the USNC

  • Typically, an Annual Meeting is held at the WCC.

  • Should AM be held in-person at the WCC or virtually at some other time?

  • Not resolved.

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