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IUCN USNC Executive Committee Minutes — May, 2021

Meeting held:

May 6, 2021

1pm - 2pm EST

(via Zoom)

USNC EC members present:

Christopher Dunn, Chair

Deb Hahn

Scott Hajost

Healy Hamilton

Jennifer Luedtke

Dave Reynolds


Frank Hawkins, ex officio

John Robinson, Councillor


Kaia Boe, IUCN-DC

Debbie Good, IUCN-DC

Sarah Over, IUCN Secretariat

Agenda and Notes:

1. USNC website

  • D. Reynolds, offered to assist, along with S. Hajost, with content and updates.

  • C. Dunn to encourage members to provide content.

  • Content to be provided to D. Good.

2. USNC/Oberle meeting

  • Content discussed. H. Hamilton to confer with C. Dunn on meeting flow and order.

  • Ideas, talking points, what we want to gain.

3. Marseille WCC updates and concerns (e.g., the voting issue)

  • C. Dunn to solicit input, views of members.

  • D. Hahn will develop a survey instrument to be sent to members for feedback.

4. Draft Covid addendum to the Programme

  • Some concern that other people’s suggestions, comments were not visible.

  • S. Over noted that all comments will be made public.

5. Updates from Council (John) and DC office (Frank)

  • Neither was able to in attend.

6. Other business

  • S. Over reported that the is still in progress for next Director of the IUCN DC office.

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