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IUCN WCPA Mountain Protected Areas UPDATE

Glasgow COP26 Protest photo: New York Times

A note from the editor

Welcome to the latest issue of the Mountain UPDATE. Of course it is impossible to compile this Update without some reference to COP26 and the numerous talks, presentations and pledges.

We all know what we must do...but for anyone with any interest or doubt of the impact on mountains and their communities at the forefront of the climate crisis I have included a number of links to excellent, compelling films and speeches from COP26. Please have a look. Many people think that if we work together as nations we can still save the world—lets hope COP26 turns out to be a game changer and not merely a continuation of spin from our leaders!

Oh—and happy International Mountains Day 2021 on 11th December.

Read Mountain UPDATE #112 HERE

In this issue: from People and Mountains around the world


  • From IUCN WCC & COP26


  • US Mountain Parks less travelled

  • Pikas & Climate Change


  • Southern Africa Mountain Watch

  • Ranger in Kahuzi-Biega NP DRC


  • Oh dear oh deer

Central Asia—Himalayas

  • The Pamir Trail

  • Snow Leopards of Kazakhstan


  • In the heart of Mercantour NP

  • Fellaria Glacier

  • Piedmont Mountains

Scree and Talus

Tools, Publications other Media

Mountain SG Committee

Go to WCPA Mountain web page to read Mountain UPDATE #112

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