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The latest from the IUCN Library : 9 March 2022

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The latest from the IUCN Library : 9 March 2022

With the disturbing news of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine in the headlines, you might find yourself curious to learn more about the region. 

If you’re based in HQ, stop by the Library to check our display or browse through the library catalogue to see what we offer on Ukraine, Russia, and war and conflict.

Not based in Headquarters? Simply select “Yes” under the field “Electronic?” on the top left of the advanced searches linked above to view only those publications that are available online. 

In other news, IPCC has issued its sixth assessment report, on impacts, assessment, and vulnerability. Also, issue 209 of Resources magazine, celebrating 70 years of Resources for the Future, is now available online.

There have not been any reports published by IUCN in the last few weeks, but there have nevertheless been other items added to the HQ Library’s collection — check them out down below! 

Until next time,

Daisy Larios, Library and Publications Manager

IUCN HQ Library

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New additions: Non-IUCN publications

All that glitters is not gold : balancing conservation and development in Venezuela’s frontier forests

The wilderness companion : Reflections for the back-country traveler

How to play the environment game

New additions: Non-IUCN journals and magazines


vol.164, no.1

January 2022

Unser Wald

Winter 2021

Conservación vegetal

número 25

Noviembre 2021

The niche

vol.52, no.4

Winter 2021

WSL Berichte

Heft 115

Forum für Wissen 2021

Naturschutz und Naturparke

3 Ausgabe 2021

Heft 251


issue 114

December 2021

Trends in ecology & evolution

vol.36, no.12 (December 2021)

vol.37, no.1 (January 2022)

vol.37, no.2 (February 2022)


131 Décembre 2021

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Photo credits © Katherine Rewinkel El-Darwish. 

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