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NatureForAll 22 June 22

Welcome to the newest #NatureForAll partners, now numbering more than 550 worldwide!

Reflecting on the last year

The last year was one of planning and building momentum for #NatureForAll. Partners are taking #NatureForAll to the next level – strengthening and exploring new relationships, reaching new audiences and creating a world inspired by #NatureForAll. Find out more with the #NatureForAll 2021-2022 annual report.

#NatureForAll on location

Inspiring love of nature in Asia During last month’s Asia Parks Congress, held in Sabah, Malaysia, #NatureForAll partners and IUCN commission members came together to share stories, reconnect and find inspiration in connecting with and taking action for nature. A key highlight of the event was the Youth Forum, which was an incredible celebration of youth leadership in conservation in the region. WCPA youth delegates took over the #NatureForAll social media channels during the event. Check out their work and the inspiring stories of Asian youth on Instagram! Check out the congress’ website for working group highlights, the Kota Kinabalu declaration and more.

Join #NatureForAll in Rwanda If you are planning on attending the Africa Protected Areas Congress in Kigali, Rwanda from July 18-23, make sure to visit the #NatureForAll pavilion. There will be opportunities to meet other partners, hear about some of the amazing work being done across the continent and even space to record your #NatureLoveStory.

#NatureForAll at the Inside Out Conference #NatureForAll was highly visible at the recent Children & Nature Network Inside Out International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. #NatureForAll US co-chairs Heather Kuhlken (Families In Nature (FIN)) and Laís Fleury (Alana Foundation), with CEC Regional Vice Chair for South America, Luis Camargo (OpEPA), co-presented "Creating a World Inspired By #NatureForAll”. As Laís put it, “the conference was an amazing opportunity to encounter perspectives and initiatives from different areas with the same goal: to nurture the love for nature. It was great to meet with partners that are already part of the #NatureForAll movement, and those that are interested in joining this inspiring network.” Families in Nature had a #NatureForAll co-branded booth at the event. Luis Camargo also presented a session on "Nature-based Education as a Stepping Stone to Activate our Regenerative Capacity." International #NatureForAll Co-Chair, Dr. Cheryl Charles, participated throughout the conference. A special event featured author and #NatureForAll international leadership team member Richard Louv and IUCN Patron Dr. Jane Goodall in an inspiring conversation about the present and future.

Partner Campaigns and Resources

Share your story The Storytelling Festival is in full swing, with a number of partner events already complete, and more on the way! If you are working on protecting endangered species or places, share your story on social media tagging #ChampionsOfTheEndangered campaign, spearheaded by Synchronicity Earth and The Ellen Fund. Do you love the ocean? There are lots of events taking place throughout the month of June during which you can share your love of water. Or find inspiration from Take Me Outside’s video contest, which encourages students to share why Canada is one of the best backyards in the world and how they like spending time in it! Why not do the same within your country? If you need inspiration, check out the various stories, poems, videos and more already on the #NatureForAll website.

Introducing the #NatureForAll “seedbox” The #NatureForAll seedbox brings together tools and resources, seeds if you will, that you ca

n use in your next campaign. It includes toolkits, guides, brochures, ideas and various versions of the #NatureForAll logo. Use these tools to help connect people with nature and make your campaign part of a greater movement to inspire love of nature! More resources, including adaptable social media images and GIFs, will be added in the near future.

Make a pact with nature The People and Parks Foundation is running its third annual #NaturePact campaign in September 2022. They are inviting other #NatureForAll partners to help spread the word about the benefits of connecting with nature, and make your individual pact to spend more intentional time connecting with nature - because nature is where we all come to life! If you’d like to learn more, please contact campaign coordinator Meredith Lamb at

#NatureForAll in action

Indrika Deb and Nimisha Medhi were “inspired by #NautreForAll” to learn about bats during International Bat Appreciation Day.

A “batty” celebration India-based #NatureForAll partner Wildroots celebrated International Bat Appreciation Day on April 17 with a “Nature in our Classroom” event, bringing students to observe bats and generate awareness about their ecological importance and the role that they play in pollination. Students conducted field surveys to record observations and behaviour of the bats and then created artwork and distributed origami bats to the general public. Explore more of their images here.

Youth connect with nature in Kenya In May and June this year, the Wildlife clubs of Kenya conducted many conservation activities across the country, connecting youth with nature, raising awareness, creating opportunities and inspiring their support for conservation. These have led to many habitats restored through planting of indigenous plant species, helped facilitate school children visits to various protected areas and included hands-on environmental conservation activities, like the one during World Environment Day on June 5.

Finding nature in their backyards BackyardBio was back in classrooms globally last month, seeking to get kids outdoors exploring nature near them, documenting and sharing all the local biodiversity they discovered! More than 100 classrooms from across Canada, the U.S, England, Indonesia, South Korea, Pakistan and Australia took part making this far and away a more international effort than last year's event! On INaturalist, over 30,000 observations were submitted as part of the campaign by people on six continents from 20 countries - everywhere from Fiji to Kazakhstan, Gabon to Peru and beyond!

Nature in the city Mexican conservationist photographer and #NatureForAll partner Tamara Blazquez Haik has a photographic exhibition of her educational and conservation project "Fauna de la Ciudad de México" at the Rejas del Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico, Open Gallery. Her work highlights the city’s urban fauna. Check some of the images on Tamara’s website.

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