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Open letter to UNCAC States Parties

Calling for a Strong Resolution at CoSP10

to Prevent and Combat Environmental Crime and Corruption

3 November 2023

Dear United States Delegation, President of the 10th UNCAC CoSP,

Dear Delegates to the States Parties to the UN Convention Against Corruption,

We, 301 civil society organizations and experts from 99 countries around the globe, urge

States Parties to adopt a resolution at the 10th UNCAC CoSP10 to prevent and combat

corruption and the environmental crimes it facilitates as a crucial way to protect the

environment, tackle the climate crisis and uphold human rights.

Corruption has a seismic impact on the environment and the climate. It enables crimes

across complex supply chains that exploit wildlife, forests, fisheries and other natural

resources and species. It is often linked to serious criminal networks that rely on corruption

at every step of their global supply chain. It creates incentives to degrade nature, leading to

the conversion and degradation of land and the building of infrastructure in biodiversity rich

zones. Corruption is undermining efforts to address climate change at a time when the

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports that human-induced climate change

has “resulted in more frequent and more intense extreme weather events that have caused

increasingly dangerous impacts on nature and people in every region of the world.”

Environmental crime and corruption negatively impacts human rights and impedes efforts to

meet the Sustainable Development Goals. It robs some of the world’s poorest countries of

revenues and resources and promotes a culture of violence towards communities,

threatening the rule of law, public health and security. Land, environmental and indigenous

defenders, whistleblowers, journalists, and other members of civil society face significant

threats, attacks and killings in carrying out their work to expose environmental crime and

corruption, often in a culture of impunity.

As the only legally binding anti-corruption instrument, the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) is among the best tools available to prevent and fight the corruption that enables environmental crime and other environmental harms and its significant negative impacts on both people and nature. Building on UNCAC CoSP Resolution 8/12 (adopted in 2019), we call on UNCAC State Parties to adopt a strong resolution to bolster the implementation of the UNCAC to tackle environmental crime and corruption and its impacts. Such a resolution should call for the following actions:

  1. Strengthen and more effectively implement anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and environmental protection laws across the value chain in the environmental sector and hold those accountable that are responsible for perpetuating environmental crimes and corruption, including companies and their representatives.

  2. Strengthen transparency, integrity and accountability for awarding, granting, and managing contracts, concessions, permits and licenses in the natural resource sector. Create public, central beneficial ownership registers which include adequate, accurate and up-to-date data that is freely accessible and can be used by relevant stakeholders, as well as accountability frameworks, including conflicts of interest policies, political financing rules, and lobbying transparency.

  3. Ensure a safe and enabling environment for civil society organizations and other actors working to expose environmental crime and corruption consistent with Article 13 of the UNCAC, including protection for whistleblowers, proactively engaging Indigenous Peoples and local communities and putting measures in place to routinely monitor threats facing civil society.

  4. Promote good governance and anti-corruption measures to achieve climate mitigation and biodiversity conservation goals and in the proper management and use of climate finance funds and other finance mechanisms to protect the environment and biological diversity.

  5. Promote greater coordination and cooperation with other relevant international fora and implementing agencies, in order to maximize impact in tackling environmental crime and corruption and to enhance understanding of how to address it, including the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Human Rights Council, the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, and the Financial Action Task Force.

As we commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the UNCAC’s creation, we urge you to take

strong actions at CoSP10 to ensure that the UNCAC is utlilized to its full extent to tackle one

of the most pressing global challenges facing our planet and its people.

Global and Regional Non-Governmental Organizations

1. Access Info Europe, Spain, EU

2. Accountability Lab, USA

3. ACT International, Canada

4. ADM Capital Foundation, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of


5. Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID), USA

6. Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, Austria

7. Amazon Conservation Association, USA

8. Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe


10. Association For Promotion Sustainable Development, India

11. Born Free Foundation, UK

12. Brighter Green, USA

13. CEE Bankwatch Network, Czech Republic

14. Center for Climate Crime Analysis (CCCA), The Netherlands

15. Center for Environmental Ethics and Law, USA

16. Center for Environmental Forensic Science, USA

17. Centre for Human Rights and Climate Change Research, Nigeria

18. Center for International Environmental Law, USA/ Switzerland

19. Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), USA

20. Center for Muslim youth in peace and development, Ghana

21. Clarence Climate Action, Australia

22. Climate Whistleblowers, France

23. Community And Family Aid Foundation, Ghana

24. Compassion in World Farming, UK

25. Congo Basin Forests Global Initiative, DRC

26. Conservation Allies, USA

27. Earth League International, USA


29. Earthworks, USA

30. Environmental Investigation Agency, UK

31. Earth Ethics, Inc., USA

32. Environment East Gippsland inc, Australia

33. Ethics Specialist Group, IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, USA

34. European Emergency Circle, Italy

35. European Institute of Compliance and Ethics, Slovenia

36. European Youth Information and Counselling Agency, Luxemburg

37. Freedom for Eurasia, Austria

38. Gallifrey Foundation, Switzerland

39. GI-TOC, Switzerland

40. Global Center for Environmental Legal Studies - Pace University Elisabeth Haub School of Law, USA

41. Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of China

42. Government Accountability Project, USA

43. Green Transparency, The Netherlands

44. Human Rights Watch, USA

45. IFM-SEI, Belgium

46. Institute for Environmental Security, The Netherlands

47. Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Loreto Generalate, USA

48. InterEnvironment Institute, USA

49. International Center for MultiGenerational Legacies of Trauma (ICMGLT), USA

50. International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

51. International Lawyers Project, UK

52. IPYS, Peru

53. LEGS-Africa, Senegal

54. Mission Blue, USA

55. National Whistleblower Center, USA

56. Natural Resources Defense Council, USA

57. Natural Resource Governance Institute, USA

58. Nillumbik Climate Action Team, Australia

59. Observatorio Ciudadano de la Corrupción (OCC), Latin America and Carribean

60. OneNature, USA

61. Open Contracting Partnership, USA

62. Open Ownership, UK

63. Organising Bureau of European School Students Unions - OBESSU, Belgium

64. Organización Regional de los Pueblos Indigenas del Oriente, Peru

65. Österreichische Frauenföderation (Chapter of) Women's Federation for World Peace,


66. Paso Pacifico, USA and Central America

67. Passionists International, USA

68. PAY-W Clinic, India

69. PCQVP, Mali

70. Peoples Climate Assembly, Australia

71. Persatuan Pakatan Berintegriti Sanah (Sabah Integrity Alliance Association – SINAR), Malaysia

72. Peru Support Group, UK

73. Publish What You Pay, UK

74. Rainforest Action Network, USA

75. Rasmussen Family Foundation, USA

76. Re:wild, USA

77. SJ Around the Bay, Australia

78. S.P.E.C.I.E.S., USA

79. Society for the Widows and Orphans, Nigeria

80. Soroptimist International, UK

81. Stichting Arnhems Peil, The Netherlands

82. Tactical Intelligence Security, Ghana

83. The Sentry, USA

84. Transparency International, Germany

85. Tripla Difesa Onlus Guardie Sicurezza Sociale ed Eco Zoofila, Italy


87. UNCAC Coalition, Austria

88. Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, USA

89. Universal Peace and Violence Amelioration Centre, Nigeria

90. Vote Earth Now, Australia

91. Wataniba, Grupo de Trabajo Socioambiental de la Amazonía, Venezuela and Colombia

92. Whale and Dolphin Conservation, UK

93. Wildlife Conservation Society, USA

94. Wildlife Justice Commission, The Netherlands

95. World Resources Institute, USA

96. WWF International, Switzerland

National Non-Governmental Organizations

97. 21st Century Community Empowerment for Youth and Women Initiative, Nigeria

98. AbibiNsroma Foundation, Ghana

99. Acción Ciudadana, El Salvador

100. Actions des Journalistes sur les Mines au Burkina Faso (AJM-BF), Burkina Faso

101. Actions pour les Droits Humains au Niger, Niger

102. ADS (Asociación de Desarrollo Sostenible LGTBI COSTA RICA), Costa Rica

103. Adventure Scientists, USA

104. Africa Centre for Open Governance, Kenya

105. African Alliance for Health,Research and Economic Development, Kenya

106. Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ), Nigeria

107. Aide, Assistance et Développement Communautaire de Côte d'Ivoire (ADC-CI), Côte d'Ivoire

108. Al-Nahrain Foundation for Supporting Transparency & Integrity, Iraq

109. AMOCA, Mozambique

110. ANC, Asociacion Nacional de Centros, Peru

111. Angling Trust, UK

112. Asociación Centroamericana para el Desarrollo y la Democracia Red Local, Nicaragua

113. Asociación civil JAPIQAY, Memoria y Ciudadanía, Peru

114. Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa - ASJ, Transparency International Honduras,


115. Association femmes et Actions pour le Développement, Guinea

116. Association Guinéenne pour la Transparence AGT, Guinea

117. Association of Zoos and Aquariums, USA

118. AWTAD Organization for Combating Corruption, Yemen

119. Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication, Bangladesh

120. Bank Information Center, USA

121. Bantay Kita - Publish What You Pay Philippines, Philippines

122. Bostwana Watch Organization, Botswana

123. British Divers Marine Life Rescue, UK

124. CAJUST - Citoyens Actifs pour la Justice Sociale, Senegal

125. CDDI, Albania

126. Center for Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Watch (CeFTIW), Nigeria

127. Center For Rural Economic & Social Development CREESOD, Nigeria

128. Center for Whistleblowers Protection, Slovenia

129. Centro Santo Dias de Direitos Humanos, Brazil

130. Children and Young People Living for Peace, Nigeria

131. Chile Transparente, Chile

132. Christian Agenda for Development (CAD), South Sudan

133. Christian Education and Development Organization (CEDO), Tanzania

134. Civic Alliance, Montenegro

135. Club Ohada Thies, Senegal

136. Coalition for Integrity and Accountability-AMAN, Palestine

137. Colegio Nacional de Investigación Criminal y Seguridad, Panama

138. Comisión de Accion Social Menonita (CASM), Honduras

139.Community Restoration Initiative Project, Uganda

140. Confederação dos Sindicatos de Pescadores Artesanais (CONFESPA), Brazil

141. Conservation Imaging, Inc., USA

142. Core Group Transparency/PWYP Timor-Leste (CGT/PWYP-TL), Timor-Leste

143. Corporación La Caleta, Chile

144. Costa Rica Íntegra, Costa Rica

145. Council on Geopolitics Foundation, Hungary

146. Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, Malta

147. De Klimaatcoalitie, The Netherlands

148. Dialogue and Research Institute (DRI), South Sudan

149. Earth Action, Inc., USA

150. Ecologistas en Acción, Spain

151. EDSP ECO, The Netherlands

152. Elders Climate Action, USA

153. Environmental Investigation Agency US, USA

154. Expert Forum, Romania

155. FACT Coalition, USA

156. Federation Against Biomass Power Plants, The Netherlands

157. Foreign Policy for America, USA

158. Freedom of Information Center of Armenia, Armenia

159. Friends of the Earth Australia, Australia

160. Friends of the Earth Malta, Malta

161. Friends of the Earth US, USA

162. Front des Organisation Nationales contre la Corruption (FONAC), Benin

163. Frontida Zois Initiative (FZI), Nigeria

164. Fundação Montescola, Spain

165. Fundación Ciudadanía y Desarrollo, Ecuador

166. Fundación EcoCiencia, Ecuador

167. Fundacion Mujeres en Igualdad, Argentina

168. Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Libertad Ciudadana - Capitulo Panameño de

Transparencia Internacional - OCC, Panama

169. Fundacion ProAves de Colombia, Colombia

170. Global Media Foundation, Ghana

171. Goa Foundation, India

172. Green Network Organization, Myanmar

173. Grupo Rescate Escolar, Ecuador

174. HEDA Resource Centre, Nigeria

175. HPLGBT, Ukraine

176. Human Development Center “Tree of Life", Kyrgyzstan

177. ICD, Uruguay

178. Iepé - Instituto de Pesquisa e Formação Indígena, Brazil

179. Igarapé Institute, Brazil

180. Improve Your Society Organization (IYSO), Yemen

181. Indonesia Corruption Watch, Indonesia

182. Institute for Public Policy Research, Namibia

183. Institute of Fisheries Management, UK

184. International Society for Peace and Safety, Nigeria

185. Jamaa Resource Initiatives, Kenya

186. Joshua Easy Fashion Designer Co Ltd, Nigeria

187. Journalists for Human Rights, North Macedonia

188. Karamoja Women Cultural Group, Uganda

189. Kosova Democratic Institute, Kosovo

190. Kosovo Law Institute, Kosovo

191. League Against Cruel Sports, UK

192. Legal Analysis and Research Public Union, Azerbaijan

193. Libyan Transparency Association, Libya

194. LiCAT ( Ligue Comorienne de l'Anti-corruption et de la Transparence), Union of the Comoros

195. Ligue Camerounaise des droits humains, Cameroon

196. Maison des Organisations de la Société Civile (MOSC) Anjouan - Comores, Union of the


197. Migrant Workers Association of Lesotho, Lesotho

198. Mineral Inheritors Rights Association, India

199. Mujeres Oxapampinas formando líderes del mañana - Moflim, Peru

200. Muslim Family Counselling Services, Ghana

201. Natural Resources Justice Network, Malawi

202. New Apostolic Centre for Development, Nigeria

203. NGOs computer literacy shelter welfare Rawalpindi cantt Pakistan, Pakistan

204. Nouveaux Droits de l'Homme Congo Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

205. Observatoire d'Etudes et d'Appui à la Responsabilité Sociale et Environnementale, OEARSE, DRC

206. Observatorio Social de Mato Grosso, Brazil

207. OLUCOME, Burundi

208. ONG ACOM, Togo

209. ONG MPLCI (Mouvement Pour la Lutte Contre l'Injustice), Cote d”Ivoire

210. Organisation Tchadienne Anti-Corruption (OTAC), Tchad

211. Pakaid, Pakistan

212. Participacion Ciudadana - OCC, Dominican Republic

213. Peace and Hope for Youth Development (PHY), Tanzania

214. Prison Foundation, Nepal

215. Proética, Transparencia Internacional Peru, Peru

216. Progress Integrated Community Development organisation (PICDO), Ethiopia

217. Public Association Echo, Kazakhstan

218. Public-Private Integrity, Gambia

219. Publiez Ce Que Vous Payez-Mali, Mali

220. Publish What You Pay Australia, Australia

221. Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia, Indonesia

222. Reforestamos México, Mexico

223. Réseau des Organisations pour la Transparence et l'analyse budgétaire ROTAB, Niger

224. Rural-Urban Social Empowerment Program (RUSEP), Kenya

225. Sange Research Center, Kazakhstan

226. Semillas para la Democracia, Paraguay

227. Sensitisation Against Hazard And Crime Initiative, Nigeria

228. Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA), Peru

229. Studies and Economic Media Center, Yemen

230. Terra-1530, Moldova

231. The Center to Combat Corruption & Cronyism, Malaysia

232. The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, Malta

233. The Integrated Social Development Centre, Ghana

234. The Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative-LOGI, Lebanon

235. The Partnership for Governance Reform (KEMITRAAN), Indonesia

236. Thinking Animals, Inc, USA

237. TI-Taiwan, Taiwan

238. Timor-Leste Institute for Development Monitoring and Analysis (La'o Hamutuk), Timor-Leste

239. TraCCC, USA

240. Transparência Internacional - Brasil, Brazil

241. Transparencia por Colombia, Colombia

242. Transparency International - Initiative Madagascar, Madagascar

243. Transparency International Australia, Australia

244. Transparency International Cambodia, Cambodia

245. Transparency International France, France

246. Transparency International Georgia, Georgia

247. Transparency International Germany, Germany

248. Transparency International Indonesia, Indonesia

249. Transparency International Ireland, Ireland

250. Transparency International Macedonia, North Macedonia

251. Transparency International Nepal, Nepal

252. Transparency International Pakistan, Pakistan

253. Transparency International Portugal, Portugal,

254. Transparency International Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

255. Transparency International Uganda, Uganda

256. Transparency International U.S., USA

257. Transparency International Zambia, Zambia

258. Transparency Maldives, Maldives

259. Transparent Governance, Azerbaijan

260. Tribal Rights Watch, Pakistan

261. Tripla Difesa Onlus Itlia, Italy

262. Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, Australia

263. Veille Citoyenne Togo, Togo

264. Wildlife & Countryside Link, UK

265. Women and Modern World Social Charitable Center, Azerbaijan

266. WWF US, USA

267. Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights, Yemen


268. Adhana, Mange Ram – India, President of the Association For Promotion Sustainable

Development, India

269. Almonte, Rosa – Dominican Republic, Climate Governance and Integrity Programme

Transparency International

270. Almosawi, Sharaf – Bahrain, Adviser

271. Amoateng, Kenneth – Ghana, Executive Director of the AbibiNsroma Foundation

272. Bala, Dorina, – Italy, CEO

273. Bolton-Akpan – Nigeria, Tijah, Executive Director

274. Calle, Isabel – Peru, Executive Director

275. Chinhamo, Obert – Zimbabwe, Director Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa

276. Contreras Espinoza, Federico Buanerghes – Peru, Legal Specialist

277. Davies, Angela – Australia

278. Giuberti, Edda – Italy, Head Tripla Difesa Onlus Guardie Sicurezza Sociale ed Eco Zoofila

279. Hussain Shah, Syed Ejaz Pakistan, Executive Director

280. Idrees Chaudhary, Nazish – Pakistan, Assistant Professor University of Lahore

281. Ipenza, César A. – Peru, Investigador materia ambiental

282. Jarvis, Michael – USA, Executive Director Transparency & Accountability Initiative

283. Kane, Elimane H. – Senegal, Anti-corruption expert EHK&CompAss

284. Kwashie, Joseph Senyo, – Ghana, Executive Director/ Community And Family Aid


285. Mirvari, Gahramanli – Azerbaijan, Chairperson Oil Workers’ Rights Protection Organization

Public Union,

286. O Dwyer, Sara – Spain, Volunteer

287. Ottinger, Richard – USA, Dean Emeritus Elisabeth Haub School of Law, IUCN Member of WC

Pace University

288. Pabon, Luis – USA, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Adventure

289. Perez, Carola – Spain, President of patient association dosemociones

290. Pineda, Wendy – Peru, Rainforest Foundation USA

291. Pius, Kougblenou – Togo, Executive Director ONG ACOMB

292. Sairinen, Varpu – Finland, Campaign Coordinator

293. Singh, Dr Rajan – India, Chairman Al Rizvia Madagascar Trust

294. Solans Rodriguez, Gigi – Belgium, Project Coordinator IFM-SEI

295. Stefanov Kristina – Bulgaria, Program Director

296. Teuwen, Sieglinde – Austria, Representative and Chief Administrative Officer of Verein zur Förderung der Völkerverständigung

297. Ticha, Nkweti Roland – Cameroon, Founder/National President Cameroon Anti-Corruption Youths Movement (CSO)

298. Toure, Kadialma Oumar – Côte d’Ivoire, Member of the diplomatic service and Ambassador to the World Academy of Human Sciences/ Extraordinary member at Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

299. Verano, Marilou – Philippines, Founding Board of Director/ Ang Aroroy Ay Alagaan Inc.

300. Wyper, Bonnie – USA, The Explorers Club

301. Young Lauren – UK, Research Fellow Royal United Services Institute

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