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Revamped Parks Fight Crime in Barranquilla, Colombia

World Resources Institute


How A Massive Parks Program Revitalized Barranquilla, Colombia

A community meeting in a park  Photo by WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

A community meeting in a park for the Asi Vivo Mi Barrio initiative, which uses the participatory design approach pioneered under Barranquilla, Colombia’s Todos al Parque program to engage residents in the planning of their neighborhood. Photo by WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Solar panels on a roof  Photo by THINK A/Shutterstock

Photo by THINK A/Shutterstock

People swimming in the ocean  Photo by Dan Gold/Unsplash

Photo by Dan Gold/Unsplash

Big Moments for the Ocean in 2023

Solar energy  Photo by NavinTar/Shutterstock

Photo by NavinTar/Shutterstock



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