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The latest from the IUCN Library : 3 August 2022

The latest from the IUCN Library : 3 August 2022 Dear Deborah, In honour of the upcoming International Day of Indigenous People (August 9), why not have a browse at the titles on indigenous peoples that are available online from the IUCN Library? For those of you in Headquarters, after the Library reopens on 16 August, you'll be able avail yourself of the titles available only in print, too. In the meantime, here's a round-up of what you may have missed out on from peer organisations in the last couple of weeks:

  • An IIED working paper that assesses Tanzania’s recently centralised approach to rural water planning through a climate resilient development lens

  • An IIED toolkit to support evaluation commissioners and evaluators across sectors to integrate different and uncertain climate futures into their evaluations

  • A Resources Radio podcast episode on why the differences among different kinds of crude oils and natural gases matter for climate policy

Until next time, Daisy Larios, Library and Publications Manager IUCN HQ Library P.S. Did you read my interview in the latest IUCN Connect? Check it out!

P.P.S. As I hint above, the physical HQ Library will be closed for the summer from 28 July-16 August 2022. But you can still access more than 5,000 items online or browse the catalogue to scheme what you'd like to consult once we have reopened. :-)

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New additions : Official IUCN publications

Malette pédagogique pour l'outil intégré sur l'efficacité de gestion

Available in French

Selecting species and populations for monitoring of genetic diversity

Available in English

New additions: Translations of official IUCN publications

생태네트워크 및 생태통로를 통한 연결성 보전 가이드라인

Now available in Korean No.30 in the Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines Series Previously available in English, Spanish, French and Mongolian

New additions: IUCN activity reports

Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza : Centro de Cooperación del Mediterráneo informe anual 2021

Now available in Spanish and French

New additions: IUCN unofficial reports (non-authoritative, non-peer reviewed)

Etablissement de la Liste rouge des écosystèmes des sous-bassins versant du Delta intérieur du Niger, du Chari-Logone, du Mono et du Massif du Fouta Djalon

Available in French

Integrating Nature-based Solutions into policies for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction : A regional comparative policy analysis in the Western Balkans

Available in English

New additions: Non-IUCN publications

These are books published by entities other than IUCN that have recently been added to the HQ Library's print collections.

La Bible et l'écologie : la protection de l'environnement dans une perspective chrétienne. 2e éd. révisée et augmentée

Available in hard copy in the IUCN HQ Library

Rethinking land in the Anthropocene : From separation to integration

Available in hard copy in the IUCN HQ Library and online

New additions: Non-IUCN periodicals

These are magazines, newsletters, and journals published by entities other than IUCN that have recently been added to the HQ Library's print collections. Some are available online as well.

Acid newsno.2, June 2022 no.1, March 2022Mammal newsSpring 2022, issue 192Naturschutz und Naturparke1 Ausgabe 2022, Heft 252

BBC wildlifeJuly 2022 (issue 8, vol.40) June 2022 (issue 7, vol.40) May 2022 (issue 6, vol.40) Spring 2022 (issue 5, vol.40)Le magazine natagorano.109, mai-juin 2022Alpenscèneno.109 (2022)

Hotspotno.45 (2022)Bonn zoological bulletin : Supplementumvol.65 (2020)Parcs : Le magazine des parcs naturels régionauxMars 2022 - no.89 Septembre 2021 - no.88 Avril 2021 - no.87

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