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The World Unites to Tackle Climate Change


EarthX will be following the conference in Glasgow with Facebook Live events every night. Hear from youth leaders who are sitting in on the discussions. Follow along @EarthXorg

The United Kingdom hosts the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on October 31 – November 12, 2021.

New Episodes this Week!

"What We Learned in the Rainforest"

The Pen & The Planet

Thursday, October 28 • 8/7c

Host "Mitzi" Perdue discusses how the old machine model of business is obsolete. By applying strategies and practices gleaned from nature—emulating what it once sought to conquer—business can adapt rapidly to changing market conditions and attain greater and more sustainable profits.

"New York Climate Week"

The Road to Glasgow

Thursday, October 28 • 9/8c

Could New York be a catalyst in the global climate action movement? Host Shonagh Smith traveled to New York for Climate Week to join global voices urging commitment and collective action towards COP26.

In this episode, meet AY Young, a United Nations Young Leader for Sustainable Development Goals. AY began powering concerts using renewable energy, raising awareness about sustainability, and fundraising to bring people electricity. Thus, the Battery Tour was born and has plugged in 17 countries to date.

"Sustainable Fishing"

El Futuro del Planeta

Thursday, October 28 • 10/9c

Host Ivan Carrillo sheds light on the numbers of endangered marine life species, not only in Baja, California but all over the world. He also highlights efforts by organizations and leaders on the Northwest Mexican coast (Mar De Cortez, Baja). Learn about environmental dangers in this area and how to act to help transform fishing communities into different, sustainable industries. From the story behind the creation of marine conservation area, Cabo Pulmo, which is now a divers’ paradise and hailed worldwide for its conservation success, to small fishing communities such as that of La Manga in San Carlos, Sonora, there are similar success stories happening all over Latin America.

"Bjørn Heyerdahl: The Midgard Expedition"

Forces For Nature

Friday, October 29 • 8/7c

Bjørn recounts the Midgard expedition, sharing his experiences and encounters of building a net zero-waste Viking longboat by hand. Bjorn Heyerdahl is an active explorer, environmentalist, global citizen and Viking descendant with lineage dating back to 812 AD. Leading a 12-person crew, they sailed the Midgard Herron around the Cape of Storms, seeking the opportunity to explore the natural world working with nature, not against it.


"Farm Bill & The Environment"

Law and Nature

Sunday, October 31 • 10/9AM C

Available Now

EarthxTV OnDemand

Our perceptions of climate solutions/the climate crisis are powerful. Join AY Young as he shares how he is using his musical talents to increase the accessibility of climate solutions and to show the world implementing solutions can be done today.

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