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US National Committee Annual Report for 2021


The IUCN National Committee for the USA (USNC) was approved by the IUCN membership

during the 2016 World Conservation Congress and was officially launched at its inaugural

meeting in June 2017. The USNC has continued its outreach to members, supported new

members joining the Union, and supported members in the lead up to, and during, the

2021World Conservation Congress in Marseille.

We look forward to 2022 and the many opportunities it will provide to engage U.S. IUCN

members and contribute to the conservation of nature.

USNC Goals

  • Provide a channel for communication and networking between IUCN’s US Members, Commissions, and Secretariat to be engaged with the IUCN Programs;

  • Provide a platform for IUCN US Members to share and communicate on domestic and international programs and initiatives outside of IUCN Programs;

  • Provide a forum for IUCN US Members to discuss and consider collective actions on domestic and international conservation issues;

  • Ensure that the views of IUCN US Members make an effective contribution to the work of IUCN, including at regional and global events, activities, and meetings; meetings of IUCN’s Council, General Assembly, and World Conservation Congress; and any other process through the United Nations;

  • Disseminate IUCN policy positions, publications, reports, and information to IUCN US members.

USNC Annual Report 2021 - FINAL
Download PDF • 760KB

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