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USNC Executive Committee Meeting - June 2, 2022

Meeting Notes

June 2, 2022; 1 pm – 2am ET

via Zoom

Attending Regrets

Christopher Dunn, Chair Deb Hahn

Healy Hamilton Tracy Farrell, ex officio Scott Hajost Sue Lieberman, Councillor (guest) Jennifer Luedtke

David Reynolds

Debbie Good, North American Regional Office (guest)

Sarah Over, Union Development Group, IUCN

1. Stewart Maginnis and Radhika Murti visiting IUCN staff and State members in US next week (June 8)

a. S. Maginnis - Deputy Director General of Programmes

b. R. Murti - Director, IUCN Centre for Society and Governance


d. All US members encouraged to participate in person or virtually:

i. Time: Jun 8, 2022 (4:00 PM Eastern Time)

ii. aVVlYc252QT09

iii. Meeting ID: 885 8367 2830

iv. Passcode: 279067

2. Annual Report

a. Close to completion

b. Will finalize and distribute later in June

3. Highlights from Council meeting

a. Ukraine

i. no substantial updates.

ii. Seems to be a divisive issue.

b. Climate Commission

i. Interim Chair appointed by Council

ii. chair-iucns-new-climate-crisis-commission

iii. Interim Steering Committee yet to be named

c. Dues structure

i. Members continue to express concerns

ii. Working Group formed; proposals to be considered at next Council meeting

4. Listening sessions (online meetings/Q&A) for USNC members

a. Commission chairs and focal points

b. New Climate Crisis Commission Interim Chair

c. To be scheduled during 2022

5. Subcommittee updates

a. Membership & Communications to meet soon. Membership brochure being developed

b. Policy & Strategy continuing to post international events on USNC website ( and to track which US members are working on Resolutions from Marseille.

6. Global Group meeting (June 8)

a. Chair, USNC will attend

b. Notes/readout to follow

7. 2022 USNC Annual General Meeting

a. Location, time to be determined

b. Send US members “save the date” ASAP

c. Organizing committee (Hamilton, Reynolds, Good)

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