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USNC Executive Committee Meeting - February 3, 2022


Christopher Dunn, Chair

Tracy Farrell, ex officio

Deb Hahn

Healy Hamilton

Scott Hajost

Jennifer Luedtke

Dave Reynolds

Debbie Good, guest

Sue Lieberman, Councillor (guest)



Council Matters

  • Council meets virtually 8-10 February

  • Committee chair are being appointed by President Al Mubarak

  • Programme. Some issues seem to be lacking, including oceans and natural resource crime

  • Climate Change Commission. A lot of unknowns regarding interim leadership and steering committee.

  • Member dues process. Issue is on the Council agenda

Restructuring at Secretariat

  • Global Development Group has been disbanded

  • Four new Centers established (more information on roles, etc. forthcoming):

  • Centre for Conservation Action

  • Centre for Economy and Finance

  • Centre for Science and Data

  • Centre for People and Governance

  • Initiatives and projects are being reassigned

  • Each Commission will have a Secretariat focal point

USNC Matters

  • Annual Report for 2021 to be prepared

  • “Listening sessions” to encourage US Member engagement will be organized on key topics (e.g., Climate Change Commission; Commission programs and priorities; America the Beautiful/30x30)

  • Given no nominations from the Members, the current for Executive Committee and Chair have been reelected from another 2-year term

USNC EC meeting notes 02-03-2022
Download PDF • 151KB

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