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USNC Executive Committee Meeting Sept 1st 2022

Meeting Notes

September 1, 2022; 1 pm – 2am ET (via Zoom)


Christopher Dunn,

Healy Hamilton (guest)

Scott Hajost

Jennifer Luedtke

David Reynolds

Tracy Farrell, North American Regional Office (ex officio)

Debbie Good, North American Regional Office (guest)

Sue Lieberman, Councillor (guest)

Jennifer Koepke, Philanthropy Manager, IUCN (guest)


Chair Sarah Over, Union Development Group, IUCN

1. Red list fundraising

Jennifer Koepcke provided a review of the fundraising strategy and priorities with respect to the Red List. This activity is with respect to implementation of Resolution 131. The DG has indicated that fundraising for the Red List is a high priority. What specifically the fundraising strategy is needs to be clarified, given the broad language of the Resolution.

2. USNC Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting task force has been actively seeking venues that can host a hybrid meeting.

Two venues in Washington DC seem appropriate and available. A decision will be reached soon.

In the meantime, the dates for the meeting will be November 1-2. A “save the date,” and

preference poll will be sent soon to all US members.

3. Subcommittee reports

Tabled owing to lack of time.

4. Proposals and strategies to expand youth participation

Tabled owning to lack of time.

5. IUCN HQ/Secretariat matters

a. IUCN and the UNGA - tabled

b. Monetization of IUCN knowledge products and the IUCN Academy – tabled; however,

some displeasure noted during the Red List fundraising topic.

c. Jeju Leadership Forum – Goals, role of IUCN, anticipated outcomes were discussed.

Tracy Farrell and C. Dunn attending.

d. Saudi Arabia and IUCN HQ meetings (agendas and anticipated outcomes)---Tracy

reported on these upcoming meetings

e. Ukraine – tabled

f. Continuing problems with the new IUCN website - tabled

6. IUCN Council updates - tabled

7. Other business (if needed) – none

Adjourned 2pm EST

USNC EC meeting notes 09.01.22
Download PDF • 212KB

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