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What do your fingernails have to do with the ocean?

Make a World of Difference with Earth's Ekko

Join ocean-dwelling Ekko on a hopeful adventure with his three friends to protect Earth from plastic pollution. Directed by Joseph Silva, this 20-minute film empowers young people to refuse, reuse and recycle.

Catch up on the Congress of Conferences on EarthxTV.

Discover new and innovative efforts to conserve common and not-so-common species in the Wildlife Conservation Conference. Hear from conservation thought leaders as they discuss critical science behind protecting our land in the Farm, Ranch & Forest Conference.

Don't forget to download the EarthxTV app to stream our content from any device!

Keep the Sea Plastic Free

Support our oceans this July.

You can help keep our oceans clean this month by following along as EarthX's social media provides tips on reducing or eliminating plastics from your life.

Join EarthX and 100+ million others by taking the plunge and the pledge to take the Plastic Free July challenge.

Learn how to reduce plastic in your life today!

Take the challenge to save our water!

Mark Your Calendar

Summer in the Sky with EarthX

Join us at the Reunion Tower GeO-Deck July 19-20 from 3pm to 5pm for storytime with Penny the Panda, Eco-Art activities and the interactive Omni Globe!

Get your tickets here

Community Nature Expo

EarthX has teamed up with the Dallas Public Library for a free Nature Expo! Meet us at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library 11am to 2pm on July 23 for live animals, nature talks, interactive displays and more!

Register for the Nature Expo

Did You Know?

The distance between North America and Eurasia is increasing!

The Earth's surface may look like one solid mass, but the Earth's crust is actually made up of separate "techtonic plates" that slowly move over time.

The North American plate is separated from the Eurasian plate by an underwater mountain range called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Every year, the ridge grows, widening the gap between the two continents by 2-5 centimeters. That may not sound like a lot, but it's the same rate at which your fingernails grow—something to think about next time you cut your nails!

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