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Whistleblowers protect the earth!

Celebrating the whistleblowers who protect our planet!

Here at NWC we don't think that one Earth Day is enough. That's why we're highlighting the work of climate whistleblowers all month long! All throughout the month of April, we'll be sharing educational content about the vital role that whistleblowers play in defending the planet by exposing wildlife trafficking. Whistleblowers are essential for identifying, reporting, and eventually prosecuting wildlife crimes which put already threatened or endangered species at even greater risk.


To learn more about the important work of wildlife whistleblowers, check out NWC's wildlife trafficking campaign and keep an eye out for more educational content about climate whistleblowers this month!

NWC fights to bolster whistleblower programs and inform employees in all sectors about available laws and protections. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit our awareness building work is made possible with the support of our generous donors. Please consider donating $50 today to help us continue to educate about the importance of whistleblowers for protecting our earth.


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