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You're invited: Roads and Wildlife in the Transborder Y2Y Region Webinar - November 9th 2021

Purpose: Roads are one of the biggest contributors to habitat fragmentation across the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) region. This webinar will explore four of the busiest roads in the Y2Y transborder region and consider opportunities to scale up work across the US/Canada border to support efforts in both countries with agencies, nonprofits, Indigenous Peoples and communities. Perspectives will be shared from Indigenous Peoples, conservation organizations, scientists, and state, provincial, and federal agencies working to make roads safer for people and wildlife.

Approach of the webinar:

· 3-4 panels offering perspectives from Indigenous Peoples, science and conservation, state, provincial, and federal agencies in United States and Canada on roads and wildlife.

· Listeners can offer comments and questions

Additional Background:

One of the greatest threats to safety and connectivity of wildlife and communities of people in the Y2Y region are busy roads that are unsafe and difficult to cross. Many stakeholders and rightsholders are working to address this issue by advancing wildlife crossings structures in key priority locations. The United States and Canada have shared priorities to support transportation infrastructure that is safe and effective for both people and wildlife, and to conserve nature through policies that address climate change and conserve biodiversity. Alignment of these shared priorities provides a unique opportunity for transborder collaboration in one of the most intact large landscape mountain regions. This webinar will explore perspectives and approaches on the busiest roads in the transborder region including Interstate 90, highway 93, highway 1, and highway 3, and how the US and Canada can work together with stakeholders and rightsholders to make roads safer for people and wildlife.

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