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Nature Positive at COP26

World leaders must commit to protecting the wild that's left and restoring the rest

Re:wild is proud to stand with our Nature4Climate partners to present Nature+Positive at the UN Climate Summit (COP26), starting today. Watch live updates from Glasgow on our website!

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Instagram Takeover Today!

Climate Activist Veruschka Dumeni takes over Leonardo DiCaprio's Instagram to #SaveTheOkavango

In many ways, Veruschka Dumeni is a typical college student, but she's pulling double duty as an activist standing up for Namibia’s future. Veruschka will share her perspective on protecting the Okavango River Basin from oil and gas drilling by Canadian company ReconAfrica. Head to Leo's stories on his account now!

Get to know Veruschka

Check out our new blog series on the Okavango River Basin. Get an in-depth view of the challenges ReconAfrica is posing to this incredible place, and meet some of the amazing (and often threatened) wildlife living there. @coryrichards

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ZIGGY SHOWS THE VULTURES SOME LOVE. We were so excited to reconnect with Ziggy Marley recently! We reminisced about his help saving the Jamaican Iguana in 2016 and caught up on our current work across the Caribbean. But mostly we discussed his new book Little John Crow, the tale of a young vulture growing up in Bull Bay on the edge of the Blue Mountains in Marley's home country of Jamaica. "As I grew up, I starting learning more about vultures," he told us. "They do a dirty job but they are necessary and we need them. So I started to find my outlook about them changing and I became much more appreciative of these animals."

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